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A Great Time to Refinance…

Just yesterday the Fed announced they may very well still raise interest rates in one or both of their remaining meetings this year.

What does this tell us?   Historically, it’s the absolute best time to refinance your home.  Never in history have interest rates been this low and attractive.  Think what you can do with the money you would be saving?  At the end of the day, you could practice good ol’ American consumerism by injecting your savings back into the economy.  It’s what Americans are known to do…

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I’m Mario Quintero, your mortgage & realtor for life. Let me be your Miami, Florida home consultant. Strock and Tanner Loans specializes in both residential and commercial real estate and financing programs. We help you secure conventional, jumbo, FHA and foreign national mortgage loans. We can also help your elderly parents secure a comfortable retirement with a reverse mortgage. Call me today at 305-598-1600.