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Just this past week, Mario Quintero and STC Loans helped a Senior couple from the Carolinas use the equity in their home to purchase a second property in Miami via a Home Equity Converson Mortgage (HECM).

 A Home Equity Conversion Mortgage for purchase (HECM), allows seniors to buy a new primary residence and obtain a Reverse Mortgage in one transaction. All HECM borrowers must be placed on the sales contract and each of these persons must also be an eligible HECM borrower (age 62 or older).

It is important to note some of the guidelines that may affect the process of acquiring a Reverse Mortgage HECM for purchase. Reverse Mortgage HECM purchase transactions are not accepted for 2-4 unit properties and a HECM purchase transaction may not occur within 12 months of a short sale or Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure. In a HECM for purchase transaction, the seller is responsible for all repair costs (property condition must meet the FHA’s minimum health and safety requirements). In order to close the HECM for purchase, the borrower must provide proof of funds required for the transaction to occur. A list of the documentation required to obtain this proof may be provided upon request. The buyer, or borrower, is expected to move into the property with 60 days of closing. The buyer is also expected, according to FHA guidelines, to retain the property (not resell) for at least 90 days.

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