Baby Boomer or Millennial?

Baby Boomer or Millennial?

Baby Boomer or Millennial?


Are you a baby boomer or millennial?  This year there are more healthy and happy baby boomers over 65 than ever before. At the same time, there are more millennials than ever before, many of whom are well-educated, but paying the price in terms of high student debt.  Because of this, it keeps them living with their boomer parents longer.

Despite their financial and age differences, both these groups want the best for themselves and each other. For that reason, they appreciate the input of family and friends when choosing a product or service. Both prefer an enthusiastic introduction over the thought of working with the unknown.

It’s important you know I skillfully work with first-time home buyers, as well as folks who have bought and sold many homes. The next time you notice someone who would benefit from my help, call or text me immediately. I promise they’ll be delighted you introduced us.


Why Work with Mario Quintero

Whether you are a baby boomer or millennial, there are options available to you in terms of real estate. Have a look at your options with the help of Mario Quintero of STC Loans. Mario has been in the reverse mortgage business since 2002. His experience is tested and true. Mario has helped thousands of clients secure and supplement their retirement through a reverse mortgage.


Mario Quintero, principal of Strock and Tanner Mortgage, gets your deal done. Let me be both your trusted Miami realtor and Miami mortgage broker.


Get in Touch with Mario

I’m Mario Quintero, your mortgage & realtor for life. Let me be your Miami home consultant. Our office specializes in both residential and commercial real estate and financing programs. Let me help you secure a conventional, jumbo, FHA and foreign national mortgage loans. Furthermore, we can help your elderly parents secure a comfortable retirement with a reverse mortgage.

Call me today at 305-598-1600 or contact me here.