Back to school

Back to school

Back to School Traffic Safety Tips

It’s that time of year again, back to school. As we’re all in the process of making sure we buy the correct school supplies for our kids, selecting uniforms, adhering to teacher requirements, and overall making sure all is in order, there’s one more very important aspect to keep in mind. Back to school traffic safety tips are key to ensuring the safety of everyone on the road during daily drop-offs and pickups.

Here are some back to school traffic safety tips to consider:

  • Watch school zone speed limits: 15 MPH is the limit, folks. Stay at this level or face getting a traffic ticket.
  • School Buses: flashing red lights on a school bus mean you can’t pass on either side of the bus. You must STOP. Bus drivers have a way to report your license plate to authorities so just stop.
  • Crosswalks: whether or not a crosswalk has a cross guard, obey school crosswalks. If you were to hit a pedestrian, stronger penalties than a mere traffic ticket will apply.
  • Drop off and Pick up locations at schools: use the school’s designated drop off and pick up areas in order to ensure the maximum safety for everyone.

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