A Sign of Maturity

A Sign of Maturity

Championship Behavior

Have you ever been in an unfair situation you didn’t like, and didn’t know what to do about it? A good example is when your boss calls you on the carpet for some sort of behavior.  When you try to explain, your boss isn’t interested. Now what do you do? You simmer and stew, right?  A sign of maturity or lack thereof, is what follows.

A Sign of Maturity

Life is full of unfair situations like this. In my opinion, a measure of maturity is how you choose to handle these situations. One method I use to push through life’s unfairness is called Championship Behavior. It’s a concept that has gotten me through many tight spots and funks, spurring me to positive action instead of putting me into a negative cycle of reaction.

Champions push through difficult circumstances to succeed. We can all use that same championship behavior to push through difficult circumstances in our daily lives, whenever a situation seems unfair or challenging. For a teenager, that might be when a friend spreads a bad rumor. To an adult, that might be when a boss calls you out unfairly. For a person walking down the street, that might be getting splashed by a passing car.

Championship Behavior is not about reacting quickly. It’s about reacting correctly. It’s about deciding how to handle challenging situations rather than simmering and stewing. It’s more about the decision than the action. How do you get your boss will hear you? How do you best handle school bullying? What can and can’t be done about a problem you have no control over? Often Championship Behavior takes time to figure out, but once you know what you need to do, you have a greater sense of calm and control.

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