Florida Reverse Mortgage

Florida Reverse Mortgage


The Florida Reverse Mortgage


The Florida reverse mortgage is the answer to senior citizens’ financial needs.

How a Florida Reverse Mortgage Works

What exactly is a Florida Reverse Mortgage and why it is beneficial to seniors?

The Florida reverse mortgage program is available to home owners who are 62 years and older.  Consequently, this mortgage makes it possible to convert a part of the equity of the senior’s home into tax-free cash flow. This program was offered so that seniors have the opportunity to tap their home equity without needing to sell their homes or refinance, hence, getting a new mortgage.

Because of its benefits, rather than making regular monthly payments to a loan provider,  such as a mortgage company, the Florida reverse mortgage pays the senior homeowner.  Regardless of this, you must still pay your home’s real estate taxes and insurance.

Strock & Tanner Mortgage Will Help you

STC Loans is a well known company based in Miami, Florida, offering the Florida reverse mortgage to senior citizens within the entire state.

How do we help you?  STC Loans takes pride in having developed a reputation for being the Florida mortgage company which takes care of its clients as we work for you, our customer.  Because of this,  seniors achieve the best quality of life throughout their years of retirement.  Strock & Tanner Mortgage is one of the leaders in the Florida reverse mortgage market.

Through a team of the knowledgeable and experienced advisors in the Florida reverse mortgage market, we have the ability to simplify the process, as we close most reverse mortgages in not more than a month.

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