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foreign national mortgage loans


Foreign Nationals Mortgage Loans

Miami is an international and cosmopolitan city with much to offer.  Of all the cities in the United States, Miami offers beaches, an international flare and very appealing weather year-round.  It’s no wonder Miami boasts a high population of both international tourists and international residents.  Once the tourists visit and get a feel for the city, naturally the appeal is there to consider making Miami a second home.  And many do.  As a result, foreign nationals mortgage loans have been on the rise in past years.

While many foreigners who purchase here are affluent, they often wish to take advantage of the lower mortgage rates.   American banks have the ability to offer low interest rates.  When comparing these interest rates to those of the borrowers’ native countries, USA interest rates can’t be beaten.  Hence, these foreign nationals find American interest rates very appealing through foreign nationals mortgage loans.

Recently I was approached by colleagues of a branch for a large lending institution to offer this service to one of their clients.  This individual owns two seven-figure properties but was unable to refinance his properties as most banks do not offer “foreign national loans”.

While most banks do not offer this service, Strock & Tanner Mortgage/STC Loans does.  Reach Mario at 305-598-1600 or via email at