interest rates

interest rates


Rising Interest Rates


As goes the economy, so go interest rates.  Home interest rates are no exception.  In fact, these are among the first financial indicators to gauge the economy’s condition.

From the economy’s lows back in 2009 until now, both interest rates and economic indicators have substantially improved.  While this is welcomed news, as the economy continues to improve and new jobs are added to the marketplace, interest rates will also continue to creep up, keeping equal pace.

For example, just one year ago, interest rates were hovering around 3.25% to 3.75%.  Today, these same rates are in the range of 4.25% to 4.75%, about 1% point higher.  While even still these are historically low rates, economic improvement will continue to see an increase in interest rates as well.

1% could make a dramatic difference in your monthly payment.

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