Miami job loss preparation

Miami job loss preparation

Miami Job Loss Preparation


Are you prepared?

While it’s the beginning of a new year and we’re full of much hope and optimism, any of us could lose our jobs at any time for different reasons.  Are you prepared?

Here are 3 advice tips from financial experts:

  1. Have at least six months’ worth of living expenses on hand.
  2. In addition to your emergency fund, you should also have on hand an emergency credit card with the largest credit limit for which you can qualify.  Apply for this card before an emergency hits, as credit cards companies are more likely to grant you approval while you have a steady income. Save this card for unusual expenses that go above and beyond your six months of padding.
  3. As soon as you emergency hits, stay level-headed about finances.  Cancel unnecessary services, such as cable TV.  Consider trading in the car with a high payment.  Shop for less expensive food and drink.  Just by watching what you spend, you can save several hundreds of dollars per month.


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