Miami Jumbo Home Loans

Miami Jumbo Home Loans (image from CNN)


Origin of the term “jumbo mortgage”

According to Zillow, “Jumbo mortgages are also called non-conforming mortgages. These types of loans are made when you don’t “conform” to the requirements of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Fannie and Freddie provide stability and affordability to the mortgage market.  They do this by buying “conforming” mortgages from lenders.”  This provides liquidity to make more mortgages. Loans higher than these limits are called jumbo mortgages.


So what makes it a Jumbo Loan?

The current “conforming” loan limit for a single-family (primary or second) home in Miami is $417,000. This is set by Fannie Mae. When your mortgage goes beyond this level in Miami, it becomes a Miami Jumbo Home Loan.  Additionally, Jumbo Loans are available to you with both Adjustable and Fixed Rates.  Because of this, your interest rate will be slightly higher than conforming loans.

What makes it different than a conforming mortgage?

When you purchase a more expensive home, you incur more risk  . As a result, your property values are subject to greater fluctuations.  This will then require more conservative underwriting requirements.

Because of this higher risk, the average Jumbo Loan borrower has a better credit history.  They also have more stable income and higher reserves than a conforming buyer.  Higher reserves come in the form of more liquidity, assets and cash on hand.


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