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Miami real estate continues to boom…

As per the most recent Marketwatch of just yesterday, there is “no better time in history to invest in real estate.”

There is much talk out there of the market correcting, but though interest rates continue to fluctuate, international events continuing to occur, such as Brexit, the stock market fluctuating, along with many other factors, clearly, real estate not only continues to boom but more importantly, continues to be one of the historically safest investments, with substantial gains over time.

As per the Marketwatch piece, “And given that so many traditional asset classes are facing headwinds, it’s worth taking a serious look at real estate both as a way to find new opportunities and to hedge your bets in a challenging market.” Ultimately, given the volatility in other traditional investments, real estate not only provides a safer haven, but may also provide a steady income in the long-term.

Again, per Marketwatch, “Yes, a rental property isn’t exactly a conventional income investment … but 10-year Treasurys yield less than 1.6% annually and investment-grade corporates aren’t much better. And sure, house flipping is risky and isn’t for everyone, but the same is true for small-cap biotech stocks and emerging-market equities.”

So many investors are looking to vary and diversify their assets accordingly in order to not be fully committed to one particular investment. Moreover, the steady income from a rental property is a welcome addition to anyone’s bottom line.

Are you looking into purchasing an investment property for rental income? This is one of the services we provide our clients at Strock and Tanner Mortgage.

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