Miami Buying vs. Renting

Miami Buying vs. Renting


Miami Renters are Becoming Miami Buyers

(reprinted from CBS News)

After years of price hikes, it appears South Florida’s rental market is entering a new era of decline.  Due to a number of issues, including thousands of new rentals opening in Downtown Miami, the market is dropping. It means good deals for renters, tough times for landlords – and it’s a bizarre turn of events for Miami Beach.  It appears Miami renters are becoming Miami buyers.

In 2012 the average rent was $2,225. Every year it has risen roughly a hundred dollars. But in late 2016, the rental market suddenly becoming flat.

Why so many rentals? During the recession, banks wouldn’t finance condos. Rentals on the other hand were a gold mine. Developers went where the financing was.

Remember all those people who were foreclosed on during the recession and became renters? The restriction for them to get another home loan, roughly 5 to 7 years, is ending.

With this rental market changing, it’s important for renters to consider using a realtor to haggle price. Typically you only see what landlords are asking for in rent. Realtors have access to data that shows what renters are actually paying. It can knock your rent down by as much as $6,000 a year!

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