Mortgage strategies for the self-employed

Mortgage strategies for the self-employed

Mortgage Strategies for the Self-Employed

Do you remember the “no-doc” real estate financing loans pre-financial crisis? Are you among the ranks of self-employed, successful entrepreneurs in Miami wanting to either purchase another home? Or, do you wish to invest in additional real estate because you’d like to diversify your assets?   Unfortunately, however, you can’t because you have issues with the current financial environment vis a vis securing a reasonable interest rate with a reputable lender.   Because of this, what you need are mortgage strategies for the self-employed.

Does this sound about right to you?

Does this sound like your situation?

Well, the team at STC Loans can help you.

Why Work with Mario Quintero

Are you a successful entrepreneur searching for financial strategies to help you secure additional property?  Are you in the market for a property?  I help people reach their goals. I’m in the business of helping people achieve their dreams.  In today’s challenging financing environment, the team at STC Loans employs diverse financial strategies to help you achieve your goals of acquiring additional real estate.

Whether you want to sell or buy for the first time, refinance your existing loan, purchase an investment property, TODAY is your moment. Have a look at your options with the help of Mario Quintero of STC Loans. Mario has been in the Miami real estate and mortgage business since 2002. His experience is tested and true. Mario has helped thousands of clients reach their home ownership goals,

Because of this, let me be both your trusted Miami realtor and Miami mortgage broker.

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I’m Mario Quintero, your mortgage & realtor for life. Let me be your Miami home consultant. Our office specializes in both residential and commercial real estate and financing programs. Let me help you secure a conventional, jumbo, FHA and foreign national mortgage loans. Furthermore, we can help your elderly parents secure a comfortable retirement with a reverse mortgage..

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