Paying More Attention

Paying More Attention


You Get Out What You Put In

Every so often I get stuck in neutral. I coast along, doing things the same old way I’ve always done them. Then I notice something falling off…the quality of a relationship, the amount of business I’m doing, my health, and so on.  Am I missing something?  Should I be paying more attention to something?  Now there’s a novel thought – paying more attention.

When that happens, I’m reminded of a little story I once read, that I’d like to share with you. It’s from motivational speaker Zig Ziglar who’s telling a story about his friend, Walter Hailey.

The story goes that although Hailey became a star salesman in later life, his early career as an insurance salesman was rough. He endured frustration, anxiety, slammed doors, low sales figures, and uncertainty about his future.

Paying More Attention

One day he grew so discouraged that he went to his boss and told him he was going to quit. His boss’s response? “You can’t.”

Hailey repeated that he was quitting. The manager repeated, “You can’t.”

Angry now, Hailey shouted, “Yes, I can!”

His manager replied, “Walter, you can’t get out of the insurance business because you have never really gotten into the insurance business.”

The words hit Hailey like a ton of bricks. For the first time in his life he realized that you can’t get something out of an endeavor if you never put anything into it. Or as Ziglar says, “There are many people who ‘join’ a sales organization, but never get into the business of selling.”

I’ve taken this to heart, and apply it everywhere in my life with wonderful results, not just in my business. Whenever I’m starting to get results I don’t like, I take it as a sign that I’m losing my focus. It’s a sign to start paying more attention!

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