Reverse Mortgage Florida

Reverse Mortgage Florida

Reverse Mortgage Florida as a Retirement Tool


Will you have enough funds available when you retire?  Are you in your early 60’s and still carrying a mortgage on your home?  How will you meet your financial obligations when you earn less?  A reverse mortgage Florida may be your answer.

According to a recent study by Harvard, “One in five Americans will be older than age 65 within the next 20 years.” Wouldn’t you want to continue living in your home as long as possible?   Furthermore, “Homeowners comprise the majority of cost-burdened older households. The number of owners carrying mortgage debt into retirement has increased over the past 20 years.”

As a result,  “Since you own a home, your high housing costs might be met with prudent and early financial planning.”  This may include planning for a reverse mortgage Florida.

Get educated about your financial challenges. If you to choose to remain in your home, you must address your options.


Why Work with Mario Quintero

Would you like to take advantage of the many reverse mortgage loan benefits available? Do you think you qualify for a reverse mortgage? Have a look at your options with the help of Mario Quintero of STC Loans. Mario has been in the reverse mortgage business since 2002. His experience is tested and true. Mario has helped thousands of clients secure and supplement their retirement through a reverse mortgage.

Mario Quintero, principal of Strock and Tanner Mortgage, gets your deal done. Let me be both your trusted Miami realtor and Miami mortgage broker.


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I’m Mario Quintero, your mortgage & realtor for life. Let me be your Miami home consultant. Our office specializes in both residential and commercial real estate and financing programs. Let me help you secure a conventional, jumbo, FHA and foreign national mortgage loans. Furthermore, we can help your elderly parents secure a comfortable retirement with a reverse mortgage.

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