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There are many uses for a reverse mortgage. Most people are under the belief that reverse mortgages are only to be used by seniors who need income in retirement. While this is the prevailing concept behind a reverse mortgage, it’s by far the only use for the same.

Several sites throughout the internet will detail for you the many creative ways a senior citizen may use a reverse mortgage.   If you have a look at the following piece by, you’ll see 25 uses for a reverse mortgage, including paying off your existing mortgage, cover monthly expenses, covering health insurance, paying for long-term care, subsidizing your retirement, among many others.

This infographic courtesy of the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association provides a visual look to how these 25 uses are applied as well.

According to Mortgage 101, the most common uses for a reverse mortgage are buying the second home of your dreams, college expenses for a child or grandchild and life insurance in order to leave a sizable inheritance to your heirs.

Just this week at Strock and Tanner Mortgage, we closed on a reverse mortgage for a client who is using the funds to subsidize not only her retirement income, but to actually launch her retirement dream business.   Yes, this lady has a fantastic business idea for which you needed funding. What better way to fund this idea than to tap the equity with the money she’s paid into her home over a lifetime?

Are you or your senior parent interested in a reverse mortgage for any of the reasons listed above?

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