You may be familiar on the facts surrounding a reverse mortgage loan. From the word “loan” itself, you can already conclude that you will owe something to a specific company or person. However, when associated with “reverse”, what is the meaning?

A reverse mortgage loan, or house equity conversion, is available to seniors 62 years old or older. This is designed to aid older homeowners in their retirement years, when their income is not as high as when they were younger and more productive. A reverse mortgage allows the elderly to transform a part of their equity into a certain amount of money. Instant money is available to you without needing to sell your house or paying additional regularly monthly mortgage bills.

Reverse mortgage loans permit senior citizens to access the house equity they have actually accumulated in their houses. With this process, the repayment of the reverse mortgage loan can be deferred until the borrower passes away or vacates the house currently owned. Always remember that this is an amazing opportunity for the elderly to take advantage since not required to make a mortgage payment because the interest on that loan is added to the loan balance itself every month.

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